Isotope is one of two or more species of atoms of a chemical element with the same atomic number and position in the periodic table and nearly identical chemical behaviour but with different atomic masses and physical properties. Every chemical element has one or more isotopes. Here I give you a couple of Important isotopes and its use in the medical field.

  • Cancer Treatment – Cobalt 60, Radium 226 
  • Skin and bone cancer treatment – Phosphorous 32
  • Angiogram Test, Study of blood circulation– Sodium 24
  • Leukaemia Treatment – Gold 198
  • Hyper Thyroidism – Iodine 131
  • Locate brain tumors and damaged heart cells and tissues- Technetium 99m, Thallium 201 
  • Metabolism and bone formation studies – Strontium 85
  • Red Blood Cells Studies – Chromium 51
  •  Smoke detectors – Americium 241
By- Jafar Sadik (Unacademy- Plus Educator