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                                                     Topic: PASSIVE VOICE (Set-5) 

1➤ The passive form of “They have arrested the thief” is ____.

2➤ He ate an Orange. Begin with an Orange. An orange ______. (VEO PTA, EKM 2014)

3➤ The passive form of the sentence: “Her recklessness did her in” is: (Asst.Information Officer (NCA – ST) 2014)

4➤ The passive form of ‘Raise your hands’: (Police Constable 2015)

5➤ The passive form of “The company has appointed him as the Managing Director”. (LDC Bill collector 2015)

6➤ “Gopika was singing the song” is the active form of: (Forest Guard – 2015)

7➤ “Invite him to the meeting” which among the following options is true when the above sentence is converted into passive voice? (High School Assi. English 2015)

8➤ Find out the passive form of the given sentence: Mary’s attitude surprised her. (Food Safety Officer, Food Safety 2015)

9➤ Change the following sentence into the passive form: Sheela enjoys reading. (Metron Gr. I Social Justice 2015)

10➤ Let them build a hospital here (Change the voice): (Transport Officer KSRTC By Transfer 2015)

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