Previous Year Series

                                                     Topic: PASSIVE VOICE (Set-6) 

1➤ What is the passive form of “Big brother is watching you very carefully”. (Jr. Assi (Eligibility Test) KSFE 2015)

2➤ Rewrite the sentence in the passive voice. The news shocked the nation. (Cashier KSEB 2015)

3➤ It will be ______ to the commission. (VEO Gr.II (NCA), Rural Dvlpt, IDK 2015)

4➤ Change into passive voice: I will clean the house every Saturday. (Jr.Assi. (Eligibility Test) KSFE 2015)

5➤ Change into passive voice: I bought the baby a doll. (Jr.Assi. (Eligibility Test) KSFE 2015)

6➤ Is Malayalam spoken by them? (Change the voice). (HSA English, Education 2015)

7➤ Identify the sentence which is in passive voice? (Muncipal Secretary Gr.III 2015)

8➤ “We were enchanted by him” Choose the active voice of the sentences: (Beverages LDC 2016)

9➤ Change the voice: “The fan is rotated by an engine”. (VEO Gr II, Rural Dvpt 2016)

10➤ Poorna sang a song.Change into passive: (Confidential Assit.Gr.II/2016)

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