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                                                     Topic: PASSIVE VOICE (Set-7) 

1➤ The passive form of the sentence: They put off the meeting due to the inconvenience of the minister. (Jr. Assi. Plantation Corp. 2016)

2➤ Hamlet ______ by Shakespeare. (LDC Various Kannada & Malayalam 2016)

3➤ Who broke the glass? (Change into passive voice): (LDC Various Tamil & Malayalam 2016)

4➤ The passive form of “Don’t disturb the patient”. (Computer Assi. Gr.II 2016)

5➤ Choose the correct passive form: They are preparing the dinner. (KSRTC/Store Keeper 2016)

6➤ The passive form of “She was correcting our papers” is: (LD Clerk 2016)

7➤ The passive form of ‘I was writing a letter’ is: (Woman Police Constable (NCA) 2016)

8➤ The wood cutter chopped down the tall tree. Begin the sentence with ‘Tall tall tree. ((WPC -2017)

9➤ The editor was editing an important news. The passive form of this sentence is: (LDC- ALP – 2017)

10➤ The workers built a bridge. Change into passive voice. (LDC MLP – 2017)

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