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                                             Topic: REPORTED SPEECH(Set-3) 

1➤ Fill in the blanks with correct reported speech : Rani asked the girl_____. (LDC MLPM 2013)

2➤ (Choose the correct reported speech): “Don’t sleep late and miss the bus” said Mr.Varma. (LDC KOZKD 2013)

3➤ Teacher asked the students____make noise. (LDC KOZKD 2013)

4➤ The reported speech of : “He said,I have done my home work”is: (LDC KLM 2013)

5➤ My mother asked me_____ I had not finished the work. (LDC WYAD 2013)

6➤ He said, “I bought a house in Mumbai”. The indirect speech of the sentence is: (LDC ALPA 2013)

7➤ The lady said, “I saw the culprit”. Change into reported speech. (LDC TSR)

8➤ The indirect form of the sentence. “How did you solve this problem?” The teacher asked the girl”.is: (Asst.Information Officer (NCA-ST)2014)

9➤ Meenu said, “My mother sang well” (Change into indirect speech) (LDC(Various) & (ST SR & PH)– 2014)

10➤ Report the given sentence below. Raju asked , Can I help you? (Jr. Asst. Foam Matting – 2014)

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