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                                                             Topic: TENSES (Set-1) 


1➤ A rainy day in summer is a relief. It____to all living things. (Inspecting Assistant - 28/02/2022)

2➤ My mother never____a lie. Which is the correct tense form? (Inspecting Assistant - 28/02/2022)

3➤ The books on the table____to our teacher. (Police Constable - 20/03/2022)

4➤ When Reena reached her friend's home, she____ (watch) TV. Fill in with the correct tense of the word given in bracket. (Police Constable - 20/03/2022)

5➤ Complete the sentences using correct tense form: (Computer Assistant Gr II/ Typist Clerk/ Stenographer/ CA Gr II/ Office Assistant (Plus 2 Level Main Examination) in KAT/ TCC Ltd/ KTDC/Rvenue -2022) He____the bell for five minutes. But no one opened the door:

6➤ When we reached the bus station, the bus:

7➤ Srilanka____to the South of India:

8➤ He will have reached Dubai by next Wednesday. Identify the tense of the sentence: (UP School Teacher (Malayalam Medium) -2022)

9➤ Insert the correct tense of verbs in the following sentence: Joanne is/ has been in France at the moment. She is/ has been there for the last three days. (High School Teacher English-2022)

10➤ Fill in the blank with appropriate form of verb. I ____(read) a novel when I heard a knock at the door. (High School Teacher English-2022)

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