Previous Year Series

                                                             Topic: TENSES (Set-12) 

1➤ Before he reached the class, the teacher _____ the lesson. (Male Warden, Jail (SR.SC/ST)2014)

2➤ He stayed at home yesterday because he _____ a bad cold. (Secretariat Asst.2013)

3➤ I _____ tennis with Sania for a week now. (Sales Assi. Handicrafts Dvlpt Corp.2013)

4➤ I _____read "Chemmeen". (Police Constable, IRB (Regular Wing) 2013)

5➤ Geetha graduated five years: (Police Constable, IRB (Regular Wing) 2013)

6➤ She _____ well. (Police Constable, IRB (Regular Wing) 2013)

7➤ My room can't be dirty, I _____ it. (Jr. Lab.Assi/Attender/Female Warden (NCA)2013)

8➤ He has been living in Delhi _____ 1995. (Wharf Supervisor 2013)

9➤ My mother _____ her uncle yesterday. (Wharf Supervisor 2013)

10➤ We've decided _____ away for a few days. (Wharf Supervisor 2013)

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