Previous Year Series

                                                             Topic: TENSES (Set-14) 

1➤ I _____ Shimla last week. Fill in the blank with correct form of the verb. (LDC TSR 2013)

2➤ Last year he _____ the SSLC Examination with distinction. (LDC PKD 2013)

3➤ It is two months _____ I went to the doctor. (LDC PKD 2013)

4➤ Fill in the blanks with suitable tense forms of the verbs. The managing director is away on tour. He _____to London. (LDC MLPM 2013)

5➤ The earth _____ around the sun. (LDC MLPM 2013)

6➤ It is fourteen years since I _____ him. (LDC KOZKD 2013)

7➤ We _____ meet you at 10 O'clock. (LDC KOZKD 2013)

8➤ When I arrived at this school, the bell _____. (LDC WYAD 2013)

9➤ _____ he borrow the money yesterday? (LDC WYAD 2013)

10➤ Mr. Manoj ______the work in November last year. (LDC WYND 2013)

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