Previous Year Series

                                                             Topic: TENSES (Set-15) 

1➤ When I reached the station, the train ______. (LDC KNR 2013)

2➤ It was a nice idea of you ____ that house. (LDC KSGD 2013)

3➤ They _____ the same mistake four times this month. (LDC KSGD 2013)

4➤ Mr. Jones _____ in this company since 1997 but now he is not. (Excise Preventive Officer/VEO GR II (PTA) 2013)

5➤ The study of languages _____ interesting. (Excise Preventive Officer/VEO GR II (PTA)2013)

6➤ It started to rain while we _____tennis. Select the correct form of the verb. (Jr. Assi/Cashier (KSGD) 2013)

7➤ Use the correct tense of the verb: The sun _____ in the East. (Special Branch Assi.Police 2013)

8➤ By the end of this year Anu _____ a student in this school for six years. (LDC (NCA) ALPA, KTM, TSR 2012)

9➤ Anil ______ up at 5 am everyday. (LDC (NCA) ALPA, KTM, TSR 2012)

10➤ She _____ for a bus for over two hours. (LDC (NCA) ALPA, KTM, TSR 2012)

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