Previous Year Series

                                                             Topic: TENSES (Set-18)

1➤ He didn't ______ his homework. (LD Typist KBC, KFC 2011)

2➤ I had just finished lunch when the phone _____. (LD Typist Various 2011)

3➤ We _____ a trip to Delhi last summer. (LD Typist Various 2011)

4➤ I ______ home since last Christmas. (LD Typist Various 2011)

5➤ We usually _______ early and go for a walk. (LD Typist Various 2011)

6➤ Last Saturday we ______ to visit out ancestral home. (LD Typist Various 2011)

7➤ Choose the correct verb form. Physics_____ his main subject. (Typist Gr. II (Company/Board) Corp.2011)

8➤ Choose the correct alternative form those given: I _____ him last Sunday. (Typist Gr. II (Company/Board) Corp.2011)

9➤ I have not met him ______ last Monday. (Jr. Time Keeper (SR.ST) 2011)

10➤ She _____ tomorrow to attend the wedding (Modal verb). (Dpty Collector - 2011)

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