Previous Year Series

                                                             Topic: TENSES (Set-24)


1➤ Prices _____during the last two years. (FIREMAN TRAINEE-2010)

2➤ He has now recovered from his injury and _____again. (FIREMAN TRAINEE-2010)

3➤ We______ a very enjoyable holiday in Ooty last summer. (FIREMAN TRAINEE-2010)

4➤ He _____ at the age of twenty-eight, in 1998. (FIREMAN TRAINEE-2010)

5➤ The flight ______ arrive at 9.15, but it was an hour late. (I.H.R.D. Office Assistant - 2010)

6➤ She _____ here yesterday. (Salesman, Saleswoman Hantex - 2010)

7➤ Seema and Sita _____ now. (Salesman, Saleswoman Hantex - 2010)

8➤ It was two years _____ that I first met Gopal. (Sub Inspector Armed Police 2010)

9➤ I have completed the work by noon: (Sub Inspector Trainee District Armed Reserve - 2010)

10➤ When the boys reached the school, the bell ______. (FEMALE WARDEN -2010)

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