Previous Year Series

                                                             Topic: TENSES (Set-25)

1➤ The sun _____ in the east. (Male warden-2009)

2➤ Trees _____ their leaves I autumn. (Male warden-2009)

3➤ The thief ______ before the police arrived. (Forest guard -2009)

4➤ The box_____ ten books. (Male / Female Warden 2009)

5➤ Much water_____flowed under the bridge. (Male / Female Warden 2009)

6➤ Sita_____to the radio when a lizard fell on her arm. (LDC (NCA) - 2009)

7➤ When I went in every seat in the auditorium_____taken. (LDC (NCA) - 2009)

8➤ When they went home late they found that burglars_____into their house. (LDC (NCA) - 2009)

9➤ Rashid was sorry when he____of your illness. (LDC (NCA) - 2009)

10➤ Our history teacher explained to you how the voyages of discovery____opened the way for increased commerce. (ICDS Supervisor 2009)

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