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                               Topic: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE (Set-1)


1➤ Pick the passive form of the sentence given below from the options: They were beating the boy. (Civil Excise Officer - 26/02/2022)

2➤ Rewrite the following sentence so that the verbs will be in the Active Voice: Rose was struck by his singular appearance. (High School Teacher English-2022)

3➤ It never saw the light of day' suggests that: (High Court Assistant - 27/02/2022)

4➤ Convert the sentence to Passive Voice: Our girls can win the match. (Computer Ass. Gr II/ Typist Clerk/ Stenographer/ CA Gr II/ Office Ass. in KAT/ TCC Ltd/ KTDC/Rvenue -2022)

5➤ Select the correct passive voice out of the four suggested alternatives for the following sentence. The boys were watching football match. (Junior Assistant/ Assistant Gr II/ EDP Assistant - KSBCDC Ltd/ ODEPC Ltd/ KSIEL/ KSCRMF Ltd - 2022)

6➤ Choose the correct passive form of the sentence: People will laugh at you if you wear these green pants for the party: (Tahsildar/ Senior Superintendent (SR from SC/ST & ST only) - Land Revenue-2022)

7➤ 'They have cut all telephone wires'. (Assistant Compiler Live Stock Development Board Ltd. - 8/12/2021)

8➤ Choose the passive form of the given sentence: I know him. (Assistant Salesman-12/12/2021)

9➤ The boy asked a difficult question. (Change into Passive voice)A difficult question ---- by the boy. (Ldc Kannada Knowing-02/11/2021)

10➤ The passive form of: The Principal gave instructions to the teachers. (Ldc Tamil Knowing-28/11/2021)

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