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                               Topic: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE (Set-2)

1➤ Identify the correct passive form of the given sentence.'She is teaching Mathematics': (LDC MAINS-20/11/2021)

2➤ Change the given sentence to passive voice. An uneasy silence succeeded the pistol shot. (Medical Photographer-06/12/2021)

3➤ Change to passive. 'Michu is singing a Western song' (Plus Two Prelims Phase I-10/04/2021)

4➤ Write passive form 'Have you seen a tiger'? (Plus Two Prelims Phase II-18/04/2021)

5➤ Let them build a hospital here (Change to passive voice). (Secratariat OA-11/12/2021)

6➤ Pick the option that turns the sentence passive. Something ----------- happened or they would be here by now. (Degree Prelims Phase I-13/11/2021)

7➤ Choose the correct one. (Plus Two Prelims Phase 2 - 18/04/2021)

8➤ Which part of the sentence has an error? (Secratariat OA - 11/12/2021)

9➤ The passive form of ‘The child broke the toys’ is _________. (LD Clerk SR for ST only in Various Dept -2020)

10➤ Change Active voice into Passive voice: Mr. John made the cage. (Computer Assistant Gr II In Govt Secretariat etc. 2020)

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