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                               Topic: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE (Set-3)

1➤ Change Active voice into Passive voice: He is writing a story. (Computer Assistant Gr Ii In Govt Secretariat etc. 2020)

2➤ Direction : Choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Passive voice and mark your answer in the response sheet: Who is creating this mess? (Kas Officer (Junior Time Scale) Trainee - Kerala Administrative Service 22/02/2020)

3➤ The factory waste had polluted the river. Choose the correct passive form from the following : (Police Constable IRB (RW) (NCA-SCCC) - 04/09/2020)

4➤ Change into passive voice: The attender opened the door. (Stenographer - KSIDC Ltd - 08/10/2020)

5➤ I can't use my computer. A new operating system __________ on it. (VEO (KSGD,PKD,EKM) - 2019)

6➤ We shall have to tow the car to the garage : The above statement in active voice can be changed into passive voice as: (VEO (PMTA, MLP, KOZKD) - 2019)

7➤ The passive form of "I keep my books here' is: (VEO (KLM, IDK, KNR) -2019)

8➤ India won the match. Change this into passive. (VEO (TVM, KZKD) - 2018)

9➤ He will do the work. (Lab Assistant 2018)

10➤ "They have done it". (Store Keeper - KSFDC/Male Warden - Sc Devlopment - 2018)

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