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                               Topic: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE (Set-4)

1➤ The wood cutter chopped down the tall tree. Begin the sentence with the tall tree. (WPC -2017)

2➤ The editor was editing an important news. The passive form of this sentence is: (LDC- ALP - 2017)

3➤ The workers built a bridge. Change into passive voice. (LDC MLP - 2017)

4➤ Write the passive voice of 'Brutus stabbed Ceasar'. (LDC Village Asst. 2017)

5➤ He will certainly help the poor boy. (Change into passive voice) (LDC-KLM-2017)

6➤ "One may accomplish anything with a little effort". (Jr.Employment Officer - 2017)

7➤ "They have not yet reported to me". (Beat Forest Officer (SR For ST) - Forest - 2017)

8➤ "Close the window". (Receptionist cum Telephone Operator Kerala State Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - 2017)

9➤ "The people are annoyed by the noise". (Change into Active Voice) (LD Clerk-Various (By Transfer) - 2017)

10➤ "The man fed the girl". (LDC Various KTM and WYD - 2017)

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