Previous Year Series

                                                            Topic: CONCORD (Set-12) 

1➤ Either the pen or the paper ______ defective. (Asssistant Grade II Kerala State Beverages - 2009)

2➤ Nowadays every student ______ to be a doctor or an engineer. (ICDS Supervisor 2009)

3➤ Select the sentence or part of a sentence which is grammatically correct from the given alternatives. (Sub Inspector - 2009)

4➤ One of the animals in the zoo______ dead. (Excise Preventive Officer 2008)

5➤ Everyone in my class______ to learn computer programming. (Excise Guard - 2008)

6➤ Ten kilograms of rice ______ over two hundred rupees. (Female Warden - 2008)

7➤ Five years _____ a long time to wait. (Store Keeper-Welfare Organizer-2008)

8➤ _______ bread and butter the only thing you have for me? (BDO Prelims -2008)

9➤ The mother as well as her three children ______ taken to the hospital. (Assistant Grade, Company Corporation Board 2008)

10➤ One of my pencils______fallen of. (LDC Kollam 2007)

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