Previous Year Series

                                                            Topic: CONCORD (Set-14) 

1➤ One of my relatives______ in london. (LDC Wayanad 2005)

2➤ A group of men ________ standing near the shop. (LDC Wayanad 2005)

3➤ My uncle and my guardian______ me to go abroad for further studies. (LDC Kannur 2005)

4➤ Neither of them ______ invited to the party. (LDC Kannur 2005)

5➤ A large crowd______ expected at the function. (LDC Alappuzha 2005)

6➤ The poet and the dramatist______ dead. (LDC Malappuram 2005)

7➤ ______ the suspected causes for earthquakes is the construction of dams. (Secretariat Assistant Preliminary Exam 2004)

8➤ One of my teachers______ a famous novelist. (LDC By transfer - 2003)

9➤ A brood of birds ______ seen always near the river. (LDC By transfer - 2003)

10➤ Many a life______ lost in the shipwreck. (FIREMAN GRADE II - 2003)

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