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                               Topic: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE (Set-10)

1➤ Is a letter ______ by you? (Women Police Constable (TSR, KNR)-2014)

2➤ He is ______ to me. (LDC By Transfer 2014)

3➤ The passive form of "They have arrested the thief" is ____. (VEO 2014)

4➤ He ate an Orange. Begin with an Orange. An orange ______. (VEO PTA, EKM 2014)

5➤ All his assets ______ auctioned. (Excise Preventive Officer/VEO GR II (PTA) 2013)

6➤ Change the sentence into passive voice: Students should obey the rules of the School. (LDC TSR 2013)

7➤ What is the passive voice form of: This shop sells non - fiction books. (Secretariat Assi. 2013)

8➤ Select the apt passive form of: "Release the prisoner". (Sales Assi. Handicrafts Dvplt Corp. 2013)

9➤ What is the passive voice form of: "The man worked in the field". (LDC/Assi.Gr.II Company 2013)

10➤ The mistakes ______ admitted by the student. (Assi.Gr.II/Live Stock 2013) A) B) C) D)

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