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                               Topic: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE (Set-13)

1➤ An excursion to Bangalore ______ by the school. (LDC KLM 2011)

2➤ Change the voice: They are building a bridge. (Lab. Asst. II 2011)

3➤ She likes people praising her. (Change the voice) (Woman Excise Guard 2011)

4➤ Mr.Gupta will be invited. (Change the voice) (Woman Excise Guard 2011)

5➤ Many accidents ______ by rash driving. (Jr. Time Keeper (SR.ST) 2011)

6➤ What is the passive voice form of 'People elected him leader'. (Beverages LDC - 2010)

7➤ They ought to have repaired the bridge long ago. (The passive form is.) (VEO, NCA 2010)

8➤ The passive form of "who won the football match" is. (LDC (SC/ST) 2010)

9➤ Pick out the passive form of 'Sita has bought a pen'. (Reserve Conductor (NCA) 2010)

10➤ Change the voice. "The fan is rotated by an engine". (Reserve Conductor (NCA) 2010)

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