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                               Topic: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE (Set-5)

1➤ "A house is built by him". (Change into Active Voice) (Fireman (Trainee-Fire and Rescue Services/Women Police Constable-2017)

2➤ "Is English spoken by her" (Asst.Prison Officer (Male) Jail - 2017)

3➤ "Achu plays cricket". (Sales Man/Sales Woman Hantex - 2017)

4➤ Sheeja ______ a surprise gift by her friends tomorrow. (Village Field Asst.-Revenue (TVM, PTA, IDK, PKD, KZD)- 2017)

5➤ Find out the passive form of: "Does she know me"? (Civil excise Officer 2017)

6➤ They will discuss the matter soon: (Jr.Lab Assi./House Keeper (female) - Health Services 2017)

7➤ 'My uncle promised me a present'. Change into passive voice. (Field Assi. TSR, WYND - 2017)

8➤ Children built sandcastles. Which of the following will be the correct passive form of the sentence? (Field Assi. - Health 2017)

9➤ "We were enchanted by him" Choose the active voice of the sentences: (Beverages LDC 2016)

10➤ Change the voice: "The fan is rotated by an engine". (VEO Gr II, Rural Dvpt 2016)

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