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                               Topic: ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICE (Set-9)

1➤ Is Malayalam spoken by them? (Change the voice). (HSA English, Education 2015)

2➤ Identify the sentence which is in passive voice? (Muncipal Secretary Gr.III 2015)

3➤ Select the most suitable word: Congratulations were _____ on him. (VEO Gr. II (NCA), Rural Dvlpt, IDK 2015)

4➤ What is the correct passive voice form of: "Do the hounds kill the fox"? (SC Dvlpt Officer Gr.I (S.R For SC/ST) 2014)

5➤ Change into passive voice: Had the thieves stolen anything? (Jr. Assi. Foam Mattings 2014)

6➤ Who taught you to sing? (Jr. Assi. Foam Mattings 2014)

7➤ A ring road ______ around the city: (Divisional Accountant, Water Authority 2014)

8➤ Who wrote the answer? (Change into passive voice). (LDC (Various) & VEO (SR. & PH) 2014)

9➤ Change into Active Voice: We were kept waiting by her: (Jr. Assi. Foam Mattings 2014)

10➤ Convert into passive voice: They are rebuilding the school (SI, EI, Assi. Jailor 2014)

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