Previous Year Series

                                                           Topic: ARTICLES (Set-2)

1➤ Fill in with appropriate articles. ______Banyan is a kind of fig tree. (Assistant Salesman - 12/12/2021)

2➤ ______war never solves anything. Choose the right determiner. (Degree Prelims Phase-II- 30/10/2021)

3➤ Fill in the blanks with articles. Mr. Bajaj was______very fastidious person who lived in______small house with______beautiful garden. (Degree Prelims Phase-I - 13/11/2021)

4➤ I bought a pen. ______ pen writes well. (Ldc Ex-Servicemen - 07/10/2021)

5➤ Are you looking for______shampoo. (Ldc Kannada Knowing - 02/11/2021)

6➤ Uttar Pradesh is______most populated state in India: (Ldc Tamil Knowing28/11/2021)

7➤ Insert the correct articles for the blanks. I only have______half ______hour break to finish off my work. (Medical Photographer 06/12/2021)

8➤ Thirunelli temple is in the banks of______ Kabani River. (PlusTwo Prelims Phase 1 10/04/2021)

9➤ Richard is______honest person. (Plus Two Prelims Phase 2 - 18/04/2021)

10➤ We enjoyed______fun. (LD Clerk SR for ST only in Various Dept -2020)

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