Previous Year Series

                                                           Topic: ARTICLES (Set-4)

1➤ ______mother would like to see you. (Field Assi. TSR, WYND - 2017)

2➤ Everyone respects_____honest man. (Computer Assi. Gr. II 2016)

3➤ Yesterday I met_____old man. (Asst. Salesman, Civil Supplies Corp. 2016)

4➤ He is_____university graduate. (Jr. Assi. Plantation Corp. 2016)

5➤ Does her name begin with_____'F'?(Beat Forest Officer - Forest 2016)

6➤ He is_____honourable man. (LD Clerk 2016)

7➤ I saw_____one eyed man. (Lab Asst. KHSE 2016)

8➤ Use the correct article in the blank space: The Ganga is _____sacred river. (VEO Gr. II, Rural Dvpt 2016)

9➤ He is_____European. (Confidential Asst. 2016)

10➤ He is_____M. L. A from Karnataka. (LDC Various Kannada & Malayalam 2016)

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