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                                                           Topic: ARTICLES (Set-5)

1➤ _____Bible is the holy book of Christians. (LDC Various Tamil & Malayalam 2016)

2➤ Fill in the blanks: Yesterday I saw_____one-eyed beggar in my dream. (KSRTC/Store Keeper 2016)

3➤ The girl was wearing_____yellow frock with red frills at the cuffs. (SI/Excise Inspector/Assi. Jailor 2015)

4➤ India is not_____European country. (Fire Man (Trainee) 2015)

5➤ Mr. Smith, the only foreigner in our group, is _____European. (Sergeant (NCA) 2015)

6➤ It was _____unanimous decision. (Police Constable 2015)

7➤ Choose the correct article to fill the blank in the sentence:_____rose is the sweetest of all flowers. (Forest Guard - 2015)

8➤ When Ashish was walking through the street, he met _____one eyed beggar on the pavement. (LDC Bill Collector 2015)

9➤ He is not_____honourable man. (Male/Female Warden 2015)

10➤ Germany is_____European country. (Food Safety Officer, Food Safety 2015)

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