Previous Year Series

                                                           Topic: NOUN (Set-2)

1➤ Pick out an abstract noun: (Police Constable 2015)

2➤ Give the noun form of the adjective:"atrocious"(Woman Police Constable (NC A) 2016)

3➤ Noun form of evaporate is:(Assi.Sales man, Civil Supplies Corp.2016)

4➤ Noun form of 'educate' is:(LD Clerk 2016)

5➤ The noun form of 'speak' is: (Jr. Lab Assi/House Keeper (female) - Health Services 2017)

6➤ Receptionist: "The interviews resume on Monday. Please bring a copy of your resume today itself." (Identify the parts of speech of the underlined words respectively)(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage I – Various)

7➤ Smitha has got a ________ ache.(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Plus 2 Level) Stage I – Various)

8➤ The ________ of his mother was unbearable. Choose the correct word to bring out the correct meaning of the sentence.(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Plus 2 Level) Stage II – Various)

9➤ Find the common noun in the following sentence: Shah Rukh Khan is a great actor.

10➤ Find out the collective noun from the following sentence: He was part of the film crew.

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