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                                                         Topic: PRONOUN (Set-2) 

1➤ We couldn't buy anything because ______ of the shops were open.(I.H.R.D. Office Assistant - 2010)

2➤ When one is angry, _____ may talk in loud voice:(Asst. Director of National Savings 2011)

3➤ Fill in the blank space with suitable pronoun. ________ of these bananas are ripe.(Typist Gr.II (Company/Board) Corp. 2011)

4➤ The supervisor asked if _____ wanted a calculator.(Asst.Director of National Savings 2011)

5➤ He spoke so softly that we could not hear _____(Forest Guard 2011)

6➤ Everyone had to show _____ ticket.(Forest Guard 2011)

7➤ The umbrella is _____.(LDC WYND 2013)

8➤ Everyone has to do _____ own research.(Excise Preventive Officer/VEO GR II (PTA) 2013)

9➤ Tell the girls that it is none of _____ business to ask about that.(LDC/Assi. Gr. II Company 2013)

10➤ Which is a Pronoun?(Woman Police Constable (NCA) 2016)

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