Previous Year Series

                                                         Topic: PRONOUN (Set-3) 

1➤ I asked two people the way to the Marine Beach, but ______ of them knew.(I.H.R.D. Office Assistant - 2010)

2➤ I need the scissors, where _____.(Junior Assi. Cashier KSEB - 2009 Speical Recruitment)

3➤ There is a cat in the kitchen. ______ is drinking milk. (BDO Prelims -2008)

4➤ I am certain that I am wearing Leela's cap, and she is wearing______.(Store Keeper-Welfare Organizer-2008)

5➤ I can only blame _____ for my failure.(Store Keeper-Welfare Organizer-2008)

6➤ She has two houses in this street and the house over there is also______.(LDC SP Recruitment 2006)

7➤ There are two buses standing there Number 19 and 23 ______ bus takes you to the railway station but they go by different routes.(LDC Ernakulam 2005)

8➤ A cousin of ______ is a Software Engineer.(LDC Thrissur 2005)

9➤ Mary declared that the book was not_____.(LDC Kasargod 2003)

10➤ If you need a coat you will have to buy ______ as I cannot give you mine.(Assistant Grade - 1997)

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