Previous Year Series

                                               Topic: RELATIVE PRONOUN (Set-2) 

1➤ My brother-in-law is a computer engineer______is in New York at present. (Male warden - 2004)

2➤ This is the place ______ I was born. (LDC Wayanad 2005)

3➤ Neelima _______ had been missing since tuesday has been found safe and well. (LDC Palakkad 2005)

4➤ This is the man ______ motor bike has been stolen?(LDC Thrissur 2005)

5➤ He is a painter______ paintings are well known. (LDC Idukki 2005)

6➤ This is the boy______ pocket was picked. (LDC SP Recruitment 2006)

7➤ She is the finest woman______ever lived. (LDC Malappuram 2007)

8➤ A friend of mine______is alawyer helped me. (LDC Palakkad 2007)

9➤ He is so generous______he can never say no to it. (LDC Kannur 2007)

10➤ Leela and Reena are the sisters______love everybody. (LDC Pathanamthitta & Kasaragod 2007)

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