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                                         Topic: TYPES OF SENTENCE (Set-3) 

1➤ "Help me to do this work" is an example of:(LDC IDK-2013)

2➤ 'The moon shines at night'. Is an example of:(LDC KLM 2013)

3➤ "It is a very wonderful opportunity". The sentence is _______.(LDC ALPA 2013)

4➤ Don't play at night'. Is a/an _______ sentence.(LDC TVM-2013)

5➤ She stood on tip-toe: She plucked the flowers. The simple sentence of these sentences is:(VEO (KLM (-2014)

6➤ 'What a beautiful scene!' Is a/an _______ sentence.(WPC (TSR, KNR)-2014)

7➤ A ______ is made up of two or more main clauses.(High School Assi.English 2015)

8➤ 'Please come in' is______sentence.(Lab. Asst. KHSE 2016)

9➤ "It is a lovely scene" is an example for:(LD Clerk 2016)

10➤ How cute the baby looks!(Computer Assi. Gr. II 2016)

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