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                                         Topic: TYPES OF SENTENCE (Set-4) 

1➤ Identify the sentence "Look before you leap".(Civil excise Officer-2017)

2➤ He practices cricket and football regularly is a:

3➤ Which of the following sentences is an example of a complex sentence?(KAS Officer in Kerala Administrative Service (Supplimentary exam for Gazetted teaching staff in Education Department) - PAPER II 29/12/2020)

4➤ "What is your occupation?" The sentence is(Stenographer - KSIDC Ltd - 08/10/2020)

5➤ Which is an imperative sentence?(UP School Teacher (Malayalam Medium) - Education Department 07.11. 2020)

6➤ Direction: Identify the following sentence pattern and mark your answer in the response sheet:When everything fails, God helps you. (Kas Officer (Junior Time Scale) Trainee - Kerala Administrative Service 22/02/2020)

7➤ 'Rice is the staple food of Kerala.' Is an _________.(LD Clerk SR for ST only in Various -2020)

8➤ Change the following assertive sentence into an interrogative sentence. That pie can feed eight people. (Ldc Kannada Knowing - 02/11/2021)

9➤ Select the most appropriate response to the head of the office who asks an employee who has come in late, 'Do you know what time it is?'(High Court Assistant 27/02/2022)

10➤ How old are you?This sentence is ______.(Inspecting Assistant - 28/02/2022)

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