Previous Year Series

                                                       Topic: ADJECTIVES (Set-1)

1➤ The situation in the riotous district is now______.(LD Clerk (1998) Ernakulam, Kollam, Malappuram)

2➤ We shall drive if the roads are______.(LD Clerk (1998) Idukki, Kozhikkode)

3➤ The word 'lunar' is a/an______.(LD Clerk Idukki 2003)

4➤ He had ______ money with him and was starving.(LDC Wayanad 2003)

5➤ He is my ______ brother.(LDC KOZHIKODE 2003)

6➤ Some rules are very rigid: others are _______.(LD Clerk kottayam 2003)

7➤ Sir C V Raman was an _____ scientist.(Welfare Officer (NCA) 2003)

8➤ You are placed under suspension until_____ orders.(LD Clerk Kollam 2003)

9➤ There were _____ telephone booths around, so that the old one is closed.(Secretariat Assistant Preliminary Exam 2004)

10➤ _____ rice they had, was eaten away by rat.(Woman Constable 2004)

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