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                                                       Topic: ADJECTIVES (Set-5)

1➤ The thief is arrested from the ______ house of the street.(LDC Various) & VEO (ST SR & PH) 2014)

2➤ Lekha is very ______.(Women Police Constable (TSR/KNR) - 2014)

3➤ The ______ part of the book is very dull.(Jr. Assi. Foam Mattings 2014)

4➤ Choose the correct word to fill the blank in the sentence: King Harishchandra was a ______ ruler.(Forest Guard - 2015)

5➤ What is the adjective form of "Trouble"?(Lift Operator 2015)

6➤ There is not even ______ thing in the shop that I want.(LDC (NCC) 2015)

7➤ Jim has only ______ letters to write. Fill in the blanks.(Lift Operator 2015)

8➤ Choose the correct adjective from the alternatives to fill in the blank. He is the ______ advocate in the town.(Cashier KSEB 2015)

9➤ The temple is ______ down the lane:(Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015)

10➤ You can meet me at a ______ time.(Asst. Gr. II, Beverages Corp.2015)

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