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                                                       Topic: ADJECTIVES (Set-7)

1➤ Identify the part of speech that is underlined. She has a [beautiful] handwriting.(Lab Asst.2018)

2➤ The beautiful peacock dances gracefully. Pick out the adjective. (COMPUTER ASSISTANT GR II in GOVT SECRETARIAT etc. 11/01/2020)

3➤ They lead a happy life. The word 'happy' is a/an _________. (LD Clerk SR for ST only in Various Dept 10/01/2020)

4➤ The cake tastes______.(Ldc Kannada Knowing - 02/11/2021)

5➤ I have seen her______times this year, but not very often. Complete the sentence using the right adjective.(Degree Prelims Phase-II- 30/10/2021)

6➤ ________ driving may cause accidents.(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Plus 2 Level) Stage I – Various)

7➤ She was a ——————— writer of novels and short stories. Choose the most suitable word to make the above statement meaningful.(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Plus 2 Level) Stage II – Various)

8➤ Choose another adjective derived from "pure".(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage I – Various)

9➤ The students were loath to leave the school after the final examination. The word 'loath' is an example for the part of speech, _____ (Junior Receptionist, Receptionist cum Telephone Operator -Degree Level Main -30.11.2022)

10➤ Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank. Those tablets are really ______ my headache is much better now. (Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage II - 19/11/22)

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