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                                                       Topic: ADJECTIVES (Set-8)

1➤ Pay attention to the usage of the word fast in the sentences given below and decide what part of speech they function in the given order of the respective sentences. i. If you take the fast train, you should be there in an hour. ii. Some prisoners began a fast to protest against the appalling conditions. iii. Many religions require their followers to fast at certain time of the year. (Degree Mains Subinspector of Police - 22/11/22)

2➤ There was _______ traffic on the way.(Choose the right alternative.)(Common Preliminary Examination 2022 (Graduate Level)- Stage III - 10.12.2022)

3➤ Which one is the adjective in the following sentences? I am proud to be an Indian.

4➤ This house is bigger than that one. In this sentence 'bigger' is a/an:

5➤ He is a cold-blooded man. In this sentence 'cold-blooded' is:

6➤ I love that really big old green car that is always parked at the end of the street. Considering the above sentence, find the wrong pairs from the given options given below: i) openion – really ii) size – big iii) age – old iv) color – green

7➤ New York is a busy city: In this sentence 'busy' is:

8➤ Meera bought new shoes at the busy store. Which is/are the adjectives in the sentence.?

9➤ The blue birds built a nest. The adjective ____ modifies the noun birds.

10➤ He is a smart guy. The word 'smart' in this sentence is:

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