Previous Year Series

                                                       Topic: CONJUNCTION (Set-5)

1➤ ______we walk fast, we shall miss the bus.(LD Clerk(NCA)ALPA,KTM,TSR2012)

2➤ She looks ______ your sister. (LDC/Assi.Gr.IICompany2013)

3➤ 'Rama and Krishna are brothers'. In this sentence 'and' is:(LDCKLM2013)

4➤ _______ you ring the bell, they won't open the door.( LDCKOKZD2013)

5➤ Oh! She was treating the strange boy ______ he was her own son.(LDCKSGD2013)

6➤ _______you invite him, he will not come.(LDCPKD2013)

7➤ The players resumed the game______ it stopped raining. (WharfSupervisor2013)

8➤ The shopkeeper offered to exchange the goods.The shopkeeper offered to refund the money.(Combine using 'either-or')(LDCKOZKD2013)

9➤ ______ one works hard, one will not succeed. (Police Constable, IRB(RegularWing)2013)

10➤ ______we were very busy with the rehersal, we didn't have enough time to meet you. (LDCKSGD2013)

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