Previous Year Series

                                                       Topic: CONJUNCTION (Set-6)

1➤ The wall was ______ high that I could not reach it stop:(Assi. Information Officer (NCA-ST) 2014)

2➤ "and" is an example of ______. (High School Assi. English 2015)

3➤ He walked as if he ______ a millionaire. (Male/FemaleWarden2015)

4➤ _______ we change our lifestyles, climate change will destroy the life on earth. (LDC(NCC) 2015)

5➤ I have never eaten ______ nice mangoes as this. (Use conjuction) (HAS English,Education2015)

6➤ Geetha worked hard______ not succeeded. (Jr. Assi. (EligibilityTest) KSFE2015)

7➤ Choose the proper conjuction: ________ he studied well, he could not pass the exam. (KSRTC/StoreKeeper2016)

8➤ The trip was ______ exciting that we did not feel any sense of boredom. (Jr. Assi. PlantationCorp. 2016)

9➤ The problem was _____ difficult that I could not solve it. (UniversityAsst. 2016)

10➤ My brother works in a large office ___ I work on my own at home. (LDCMLP-2017)

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