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                                                       Topic: CONJUNCTION (Set-7)

1➤ ___ Alice ___ Alen went to the office. (VEO-KSGD, PKD, EKM) -2019)

2➤ Direction: Identify appropriate connective and mark your answer in the response sheet. ___Ragu is rich, he is miser. (Kas Officer (JuniorTimeScale) Trainee-Kerala Administrative Service 22/02/2020)

3➤ Read the sentence below to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error if any will be in one part of the sentence. If there is no error the answer is D. Mark the answer in the response sheet. (LDCMains-20/11/2021)

4➤ Pick out the Conjunction: (Ldc Tamil Knowing-28/11/2021)

5➤ Would you ___ go shopping ___ spend at the beach? (Ldc Kannada Knowing-02/11/2021)

6➤ The leader as well as his brothers ----to the same tribe. (Ldc Kannada Knowing-02/11/2021)

7➤ In order to travel, you need a passport. ____, you might need a visa, immunization jabs, and fulfil quarantine conditions. Complete the sentence using the most appropriate connective. (DegreePrelims Phase-II-30/10/2021)

8➤ They can't decide_____to travel north____South. Use the right connective. (Degree Prelims Phase- II-30/10/2021)

9➤ Fill in the blank with appropriate conjunction: Give me to drink, ___I shall die of thirst. (High School Teacher English-2022)

10➤ Amit always takes an umbrella, ___it rains. (HighCourtAssistant-27/02/2022)

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