Previous Year Series

                                               Topic: RELATIVE PRONOUN (Set-4) 

1➤ The girls______he praised were delighted. (LDC (NCA) - 2009)

2➤ Political leaders should think of the people______they are accountable. (Fireman Trainee-2010)

3➤ I forgot to send them a map. However(Assistant Grade II (ODEPC) 2010)

4➤ ______wins the lottery will become a millionaire. (Assistant Grade II (ODEPC) 2010)

5➤ I will find you______you hide. (VEO, NCA 2010)

6➤ This is the car______my brother brought last week. (Salesman, Saleswoman Hantex - 2010)

7➤ He is the man______saved the child:(FEMALE WARDEN -2010)

8➤ ______delights me. Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct alternative:(Sub Inspector Trainee District Armed Reserve - 2010)

9➤ There will be comercialisation of people's knowledge ______will benefit the middle class: Fill in the space with suitable connector chosen from those given below:(FEMALE WARDEN -2010)

10➤ The man______came yesterday was her uncle. (Reserve Conductor (NCA) 2010)

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