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                                               Topic: RELATIVE PRONOUN (Set-8)

1➤ The man_____threw the stone left the place. (LDC Various Tamil & Malayalam 2016)

2➤ Pick out the correct relative pronoun from the following: The man_____came yesterday was her uncle. (VEO Gr. II, Rural Dvlpt 2016)

3➤ The postman_____lives in the village is very old. (Beverages LD 2016)

4➤ She is one ________ we can trust. (LD Clerk 2016)

5➤ Choose the correct relative pronoun: I will show you a house_____ you can buy. (KSRTC/Store Keeper 2016)

6➤ This is the dog _____I bought yesterday. (Computer Asst. Gr. II 2016)

7➤ Kavitha saw a snake ________ she thought would bite her. (Junior Clerk, Primary Co-operative societies - 2017)

8➤ He ________ we worship by ________ gift we live is the Lord. (Asst. Prison Officer (Male) Jail - 2017)

9➤ This belongs to the lady ________ we met in the train. (Stroe Keeper - KSFDC/Male Warden - SC Development - 2018)

10➤ This is the boy _______ won the gold medal. (VEO -(KKD, TVM)-2019)

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