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                                                       Topic: VERB&ADVERB (Set-3)

1➤ He sings ______.(LabAsst.I 2011)

2➤ The vehicles moved very ______.(Asst.Director of National Savings. 2011)

3➤ The driver behaved ______ and saved the child. (Asst.Director of National Savings. 2011)

4➤ The corporation is spending a lot of money to _____ the city.(LDC PKD 2013)

5➤ Have you ______ money on you?(LDC WYND 2013)

6➤ I am ______ happy and depressed. (Male Warden Jail (NCA) 2014)

7➤ Use suitable form of the word: He turned ______.(VEO PTA, EKM 2014)

8➤ How many words in the following sentence are used as adverbs? WHY WORK SO HARD?(Assi. Gr. II Kerala Veterinary 2014)

9➤ Find the correct adverb for the words underlined: The thunder struck and [at the same time], the electric charge went off.(Jr, Assi, Foam Mattings 2014)

10➤ In which of the following sentences, the word 'fast' is used as adverb?(Male Warden, Jail (SR.SC/ST) 2014)

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