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                                                       Topic: VERB&ADVERB (Set-4)

1➤ Do you have ______ more questions on this topic?(Excise Guard/Women Excise Guard (SR SC/ST) PKD, TSR 2014)

2➤ He does his work ______.(LDC By Transfer 2014)

3➤ He spoke to me ______.(Male Warden Jail (NCA) 2014)

4➤ Fill in the blank space with the right word: She's not a good driver. She drives ______. (Jr. Assi./Cashier/Assi.Gr.II KSFE/KSEB/TSR Corp.2015)

5➤ The speech was ______ worded.(LDC Bill collector 2015)

6➤ Choose the correct form of adverb from the given alternatives. They seemed to have acted in haste.(Cashier KSEB 2015)

7➤ She did his work ______.(Legal Assi. Gr. II, Law Dpt 2015)

8➤ What is the verb of the "fright"?(Lift Operator 2016)

9➤ Fill in the blank with the correct form of the adjective: A propeller is a kind of fan with two or ______blades.(VEO Gr. II, Rural Dvpt 2016)

10➤ Come here:(Computer Assi. Gr. II. 2016)

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