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                                                       Topic: VERB&ADVERB (Set-5)

1➤ Smitha sat ______ beside her.(Police Constable 2016)

2➤ "I shall meet you tomorrow". In this sentence 'tomorrow' is:(Women Police Constable (NCA) 2016)

3➤ 'Sumit is a very good painter'. In this sentence the word 'very' is ______.(Field Assi. Health 2017)

4➤ Use the correct adverb to replace the groups of words in bold letters. He, was appointed principal, "FOR THE PRESENT TIME ONLY".(Civil excise Officer 2017)

5➤ A good student works 'hard' at her books and enjoys learning. The underlined word is:(VEO - ALPA, KTM, TSR -2019)

6➤ The peacock dances gracefully. Pick out the adverb. (COMPUTER ASSISTANT GR II in GOVT SECRETARIAT etc. 11/01/2020)

7➤ "Cotton and Khadi 'are' comfortable dress materials." The word underlined in the sentence is.(Stenographer - KSIDC Ltd - 08/10/2020)

8➤ Pick out the adverb from the following sentence: Sreya sang melodiously at the function. (Police Constable IRB (RW) (NCA-SCCC) - 04/09/2020)

9➤ He ran______. (Ldc Ex-Servicemen - 07/10/2021)

10➤ Please 'bottle' all these strawberries after washing and drying (Identify the underlined word's part of speech).(VEO SC/ST - 27/12/2021)

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