Previous Year Series

                                                  Topic: PREPOSITIONS  (Set-25)

1➤ Fill in the space using the correct preposition:I was born _____ Mumbai. (SI, EI, Assi. Jailor 2014)

2➤ In comparison _____ Madhya Pradesh, Kerala is a small state. (Jr.Assi.Foam Mattings 2014)

3➤ You can avail ____ 15 casual leave in a year. (SC Dvlpt Officer Gr.I (S.R For SC/ST) 2014)

4➤ Don't pry _____ other people's secretes. (Complete with preposition) (HSA English, Education 2015)

5➤ He was absent _____ the class. (Asst.Gr.II, Beverages Corp.2015)

6➤ Fill in the blank with suitable preposition:My friends stood _____me during my difficult times. (Muncipal Secretary Gr.III 2015)

7➤ Kerala is famous _____ its beautiful scenery. (Administrative Officer KSRTC 2015)

8➤ Oil is good _____ burns. (Jr.Assi. (Eligibility Test) KSFE 2015)

9➤ Use appropriate preposition in the blank.The situations is rather difficult to deal _____. (Cashier KSEB 2015)

10➤ Use the correct preposition.It's very nice _____ you to help me. (Jr.Assi./Cashier/Assi.Gr.II KSFE/KSEB/TSR Corp.2015)

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