Previous Year Series

                                                  Topic: PREPOSITIONS  (Set-26)

1➤ Are you afraid _____ spiders? (LDC (NCC)2015)

2➤ You must abstain_____ smoking: (Male/Female Warden 2015)

3➤ She was not acquainted _____ the foreign language. (LDC Bill Collector 2015)

4➤ Use suitable preposition: The Minister expressed his concern _____ the people affected the floods. (HSA English, Education 2015)

5➤ Add a preposition from the list below to complete appropriate compound adjective: The two cars were involved in a head _____ collision. (Forest Guard - 2015)

6➤ We promise _____ help you. (Lift Operator 2015)

7➤ I must apologize ______ you for the delay in reaching here. (Insert the correct preposition). (Transport Officer KSRTC By Transfer 2015)

8➤ I am fond _____ reading books. (Divisional Accountant 2015)

9➤ She prefers coffee ______ tea. (Legal Assi.Gr.II, Law Dpt 2015)

10➤ You can travel _____ road. (Legal Assi.Gr.II, Law Dpt 2015)

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