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                                                  Topic: QUESTION TAG (Set-15)

1➤ I am not prepared to write the examination, _____? (LDC Various Tamil & Malayalam 2016)

2➤ I am very sincere in my work, _____. (LDC Various Kannada & Malayalam 2016)

3➤ Add proper question tag: She taught English, _____. (Confidential Assi. Gr. II/2016)

4➤ Fill in the blank with a suitable question tag: I am healthy, ____. (VEO Gr II, Rural Dvpt 2016)

5➤ Children hardly ever speak English, ______. (Beverages LD 2016)

6➤ Neither of the brothers knew the answer, _____. (LD Clerk 2016)

7➤ They rarely speak English, _____. (Beat Forest Offficer - Forest 2016)

8➤ The boys hardly practiced before the match. (Jr. Assi. Plantation Corp. 2016)

9➤ One should not be too strict, ______. (Computer Assi. Gr. II 2016)

10➤ Identify the appropriate tag question for the following sentence: You went to church yesterday, ______. (Field Assi. -Health 2017)

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