Previous Year Series

                                   Topic: DEGREES OF COMPARISON (Set-1)

1➤ The higher you climb a Himalayan peak, _____ you feel. (L.D. Clerk Thiruvananthapuram 2003)

2➤ I have ______ money than a clerk. (LDC Kannur 2003)

3➤ He is still ill, but______ better than he was. (LD Clerk Pathanamthitta 2003)

4➤ Hari's house is bigger than______. (LD Clerk Pathanamthitta 2003)

5➤ He is my ______ brother. (LDC KOZHIKODE 2003)

6➤ He is the best speaker ______ is available. (L.D. Clerk Thiruvananthapuram 2003)

7➤ Elephant is _____than most other animals. (Asst. Salesman 2004)

8➤ The comparative of young is. (Tribal Extension Officer-2005)

9➤ I prefer cold water ______ tea. (LDC Kannur 2005)

10➤ The more you get, ______ you spend. (LDC Thrissur 2005)

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