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                                             Topic: REPORTED SPEECH (Set-11)

1➤ The man enquired where ______. (Legal Assi. Gr. II, Law Dpt 2015)

2➤ Mr.George asked her why she___ for yesterday's presentation? (SI/Excise Inspector/Assi. Jailor 2015)

3➤ He will say, "I am not well". Which among the following options is true, when the above sentence is converted into indirect speech"? (High School Assi. English 2015)

4➤ He said, "I shall come". This can be rewrite into indirect speech as; (Women Police Constable (NCA) 2015)

5➤ "Are the doors open"? he said is the direct speech of: (Forest Guard-2015)

6➤ The lady to the thief: "please don't kill me". can be reported as: (VEO Gr.II (NCA), Rural Dvlpt, IDK 2015)

7➤ Raju told me that he____ to go home that day. (Sergeant (NCA) 2015)

8➤ Patient to doctor, "Can I take solid food"? The reported form of the above sentence is: (LD Clerk 2016)

9➤ Tom asked the stranger, 'Where did you go'? The sentence can be reported as : Tom asked the stranger_____. (Asst.Sales man, Civil Supplies Corp.2016)

10➤ The indirect form of the sentence. "Where is my umbrella?" John asked his mother. (Jr.Assi. Plantatin Corp. 2016)

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