Previous Year Series

                                             Topic: REPORTED SPEECH (Set-3)

1➤ She said to Ahmed, "I'll be late". Change to indirect speech: (Panchayat Secreatary -2008)

2➤ Midhun said 'Do you enjoy cricket'? (Change into indirect speech) (Assistant Grade, Company Corporation Board 2008)

3➤ I advised him _____. (Sub Inspector - 2009)

4➤ Hari said, "I have bought a pen" (Change to indirect speech) (Junior Assi. Cashier KSEB - 2009 Speical Recruitment)

5➤ Change into indirect speech: He said, "I have passed the examination" (Asssistant Grade II Kerala State Beverages - 2009)

6➤ Sonu said that, her friends _____ very helpful. (LDC KSRTC-2010)

7➤ Change into indirect speech : He said to me, "You along can save her" (Sub Inspector Armed Police 2010)

8➤ Report "I'm going out" he said. (LD Clerk Beverages Corporation - 2010)

9➤ Change the sentence into indirect speech. "What is your name" asked the policeman. (Reserve Conductor (NCA) 2010)

10➤ Have you read 'Othello'? The teacher asked the students. the reported form is. (VEO, NCA 2010)

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