Previous Year Series

                                             Topic: REPORTED SPEECH (Set-4)

1➤ Report: 'I am going out' He said. (Beverages LDC - 2010)

2➤ He asked where she_____ going. (LDC TVM 2011)

3➤ The stranger asked Sarah where she_____. (LDC KLM 2011)

4➤ He replied that he will come. which is the incorrect word in the sentence? (LDC PTA 2011)

5➤ The teacher asked the students _____. (LDC ALP 2011)

6➤ He told me that he_____ visit U. K. next year. (LDC EKM 2011)

7➤ Teacher asked us why_____ in the class. (LDC TSR 2011)

8➤ "Rani, why were you absent yesterday?", Teacher said. Teacher asked Rani why____. (LDC Idukki 2011)

9➤ Report the following sentence. "Has your wife gone to the school"? I asked him. (LDC PLKD 2011)

10➤ Raman said "I am eating an orange". (Assi. Store Keeper (KSRTC)2011)

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